Expand studio production capacity for CGI animation, as industry standard resolutions for digital video increase.



storage requirements growth with new video resolution standard

Rainmaker Entertainment

One of the world’s most sought after animation and visual effects studios expands CGI animation capacity.

Throughout its more than 20-year history of CGI production, Rainmaker has never missed a customer deadline—an impressive accomplishment and a distinction the company is determined to keep, even in light of increasingly demanding customer requirements. Over the past decade, Rainmaker has moved from standard-definition video to high-definition video and beyond.

Each time the company makes a leap to a new resolution standard, its storage requirements quadruple. As individual project sizes grew well beyond 100TBs and 60 million files, Rainmaker had to find a new solution to scale storage for its high-performance render farm.

Not wanting to risk its perfect 20-year record of meeting deadlines, Rainmaker began looking for a new storage solution that could meet its requirements for performance, manageability, and scalability. Stinson reached out to NetApp.

To accelerate the rendering process, Rainmaker uses FAS8000 systems running a combination of NetApp Flash Cache PCIe-attached intelligent caching and NetApp Flash Pool intelligent caching, which automates the use of solid-state disk (SSD) to reduce latency.

Rainmaker can now take on more concurrent projects, thereby increasing revenue potential and customer satisfaction. Quality control has also improved, because artists have the opportunity to do additional iterations.

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Computer-generated imagery (CGI) has come a long way since Rainmaker Entertainment (Rainmaker) launched the first-ever CGI animation series, ReBoot, in 1994. Since then, the Vancouver based company has become one of the world’s most sought after animation and visual effects studios.

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