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FabricPool Deep Dive: Use Cases and Best Practices when Tiering to the Cloud
Learn how to get the most out of NetApp FabricPool, the ONTAP tiering technology that automates the movement of inactive (cold) data to low-cost object storage tiers—either on or off premises—dramatically reducing the total cost of ownership. This session details new functionality, advanced use, and best practices learned from the use of FabricPool in production environments.

HCI and the Hybrid Cloud
The hyper converged infrastructure (HCI) market is entering a new phase of maturity. Join this session for a journey through the evolution of HCI, and uncover the five capabilities you should demand from your solution:

  • Workload performance protection
  • Integration with multiple public clouds
  • A common data fabric for private and public clouds
  • Organizational transformation enablement
  • Independent resource scaling

Intelligent Operations Using NetApp Cloud Insights
NetApp Cloud Insights is a new SaaS offering that helps customers troubleshoot all the infrastructure running in the hyperscalers or on premises. It helps reduce waste by identifying stranded resources and it helps to proactively detect issues using machine learning before they become problems. This talk shows how quick and simple Cloud Insights is to discover an infrastructure and show value. You will also hear how customers in the preview used Cloud Insights and the value they obtained.

NetApp Data Availability Services for ONTAP Hybrid Cloud
This new hybrid cloud data service application enables you to simply and intuitively orchestrate NetApp ONTAP data movement from primary to secondary to cloud S3 storage. The first data movement service offered will be backup. With an optimized, stripped-down interface targeted at the IT generalist, this new hybrid cloud app will be cloud-resident—enabling rapid deployment with no infrastructure to buy and maintain. Data (files, volumes, LUNs) can be rapidly and easily restored by selecting from a built-in catalog with search and browse capability. This session will provide information on and demonstrate functionality planned in the initial release, including how to:

  • Discover primary storage: ONTAP clusters, volumes, and existing NetApp SnapMirror backups
  • Provide default and customized backup policies for end-to-end protection orchestration
  • Back up and restore volumes and single files to/from AWS/S3
  • Browse and search index to initiate data restore

NetApp SnapMirror Asynchronous and Synchronous Best Practices in a Flash and Cloud World
Flash and cloud have added two almost diametric challenges to data protection in the modern datacenter. Increased application performance with flash and increased capabilities in the cloud can be negatively impacted by both backups and DR if not properly architected. This session introduces and justifies the best practices for data protection in a flash and cloud world by identifying the underlying mandates that an IT department is challenged with. When you understand data criticality and business continuity mandates, it's easier to undertake implementation of solutions with NetApp SnapMirror. SnapMirror Synchronous replication now plays a role in these solutions and we will discuss that in detail. However, getting "there"’ from "here" is sometimes not an easy or even straightforward task. This session will describe how to introduce new data protection practices in an incremental way that do not have to be repeated as you move forward, and that allow you to perform NetApp ONTAP upgrades simply and without operational outages.

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Charlotte Brooks

  • Technical Engineer, NetApp
Charlotte Brooks is a Senior Technical Marketing Engineer at NetApp, working in the Data Protection group. She has extensive experience in the storage management and data protection fields for NetApp and other companies. She supported the original transition of ONTAP to clustered ONTAP, as well as the launch of MetroCluster for clustered ONTAP. She is currently focused on simplifying data protection for customers' hybrid cloud environments.

Andrew Grimes

  • Sr. Manager Product Management, NetApp
Andy has been in the IT industry for 17 years, working in roles spanning development, technology architecture, strategic outsourcing and Healthcare. For the past 4 years Andy has worked with NetApp on the NetApp Flash business from #5 to #1 in the industry (according to IDC). During this period NetApp also became the fastest growing Flash and SAN vendor in the market with and regained leadership in the Gartner quadrant. Andy also works with our product vision, competitive analysis and future technology direction and working with our team bringing the MAX Data PMEM product to market. Andy has a BS degree in psychology, a BPA in management information systems, and an MBA. He current works as a Principal Technologist for the NetApp OSSG business Unit with a focus on PMEM, SAN, Flash and Cloud Strategy.

James Holden

  • Senior Manager, Product Management, NetApp
James Holden is a Senior Manager of Product Management at NetApp, and for the last 5 years he has been building the infrastructure monitoring and reporting tool OnCommand Insight. Today he is working across NetApp’s Cloud Analytics portfolio, including Cloud Insights, a new SaaS offering currently in preview. Prior to NetApp, he worked for 14 years in IT outsourcing in both the US and the UK predominantly on storage, compute and automation solutions.

Vinoo Thomas

  • Senior Product Manager, NetApp
Vinoo is a Senior Product Manager and has been with NetApp for over 5 years. Early in his tenure at NetApp, he worked in the system product management team in managing the FAS & AFF business. In this role, he has worked on next gen platforms , managed the entry FAS & AFF platform business, responsible for product & pricing for channels globally. In 2019, he took over the product management responsibility for FabricPools and lead the outbound GTM efforts for Enterprise File Services team.

Chris Winter

  • Senior Product Manager, NetApp
Chris Winter has deep and extensive experience in all aspects of Data Protection including Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, and High Availability. His additional Data Security and Data Compliance background gives him a 360° panoramic view of the challenges facing NetApp customers. Chris is the Product Manager for SnapMirror, SnapVault, SnapLock, and similar data protection and compliance products and is tasked with ensuring that customer critical data can be moved, copied, and replicated wherever the customer needs it – on-prem, in the cloud, in software defined storage, and wherever else the need arises.


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