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Joe CaraDonna, Sr. Technical Director and Data Fabric Architect, will talk about NetApp's vision for data management; a data fabric that seamlessly connects different clouds, whether they are private, public, or hybrid environments. This vision becomes reality with demonstrations of today's technology advancements in cross product interoperability and new hybrid cloud data management services. Joe will also provide a glimpse of the future, sharing his insights into where Data Fabric is heading next.


All Flash FAS (AFF) Technical Deep Dive
This session provides an understanding of how NetApp ONTAP 9 interoperates with flash. We also discuss new ONTAP 9.1 flash features, including inline data compaction, multiple-stream writes, enhanced compression parallelization, and enhanced advanced drive partitioning. You will also learn why you should follow best practices.

AltaVault and Databases: Backup to the Cloud
NetApp AltaVault is for backups to the cloud, but what does that mean in a real database environment? This session covers real-world use cases with Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases configured to back up to an AltaVault gateway and then on to the cloud. We'll show the business benefits such as the TCO and ROI analysis of the solution at a fully scaled level, using various cloud options. We'll also review the high-level architecture of such a solution and some of the details of what it looks like from an administrative point of view. All three aspects of the solution will be explored: backing up to the cloud, restoring from the cloud, and a disaster situation where the databases are recovered from within the cloud. The goal of the session is to enable sales teams and customers to better understand the real-world benefits of AltaVault in a typical application/database environment.

Comparing Modern All-Flash Architectures
Architecture matters as much in designing an all-flash array as in the storage industry. Join us as we explore the differences in architecture between the leading products and detail the trade-offs as design decisions are put into practice. We will discuss in detail system scale, system redundancy, data organization and I/O paths, eliminating unreferenced data, flash data layout, and power loss protection.

Creating an Agile Environment for DevOps
Docker, Chef, Puppet, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Mesos, OpenShift, and Ansible — to name a few. DevOps lives on orchestration. See how NetApp® is ready for the DevOps environment and can integrate with the portfolio of products in its world. Learn how to leverage NetApp to create unique agility and be competitive with the new way of developing, testing, and releasing applications.

NetApp SnapCenter: A New Hope
NetApp® SnapCenter® 2.0 is the best release yet and includes plug-ins for: Microsoft® SQL Server, Oracle database, Microsoft® Windows®, VMware®, and custom plug-ins. Each of these plug-ins allows you to handle backup, recovery and cloning across the NetApp Data Fabric. The SnapCenter Custom Plug-in capability allows you to create your own custom plug-ins. Join us to learn about SnapCenter 2.0, a New Hope.

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FlexPod — 7 Years of Continuing Innovation
Cisco and NetApp have been working for together for 7 years delivering FlexPod, an industry leading Converged Infrastructure. In that time, we have seen FlexPod scale up and down, gain new features and grow in market share. Come and hear how Cisco and NetApp are continuing to evolve FlexPod and work with our customers to deliver the next generation of Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure.

Veeam + NetApp = Better Together
Veeam® and NetApp combine to deliver Availability for the Always-On Enterprise™ with the Veeam Availability Suite™. By leveraging IT investments in modern storage and providing additional enterprise-ready enhancements, Veeam and NetApp help organizations meet today's service-level objectives, enabling recovery of any IT service and related applications and data within seconds and minutes.


“The event, as a whole, was great. Awesome speakers”
– 2016 Survey Respondent

Joe Caradonna

Joe CaraDonna

  • Sr. Technical Director and Data Fabric Architect
Joe CaraDonna is the Sr. Technical Director and architect of the NetApp Data Fabric. Joe joined NetApp in 1998, and has been driving innovation in Engineering ranging from Data ONTAP operating system technologies, virtualization, software defined storage, and most recently cloud. Data Fabric is NetApp's vision for the future of data management in a hybrid and multi-cloud world. As an architect, Joe's role is to understand customer challenges and realize the technologies necessary to deliver solutions. Joe has 24 years of experience in the technology industry. Prior to NetApp, Joe held positions at SGI and the Open Software Foundation, and holds a masters degree in Computer Science from WPI.
Jermiah Dooley

Jeramiah Dooley

  • Principal Architect in the SolidFire Office of the CTO
Jeramiah Dooley is a principal architect in the SolidFire Office of the CTO, focusing on the SolidFire product set, VMware, OpenStack, and SolidFire converged infrastructure solutions. He brings more than 17 years of technology and design experience to his industry efforts.
Meredithe Mainquist

Meredithe Mainquist

  • Solutions Architect, SAP
Meredithe Mainquist has over 20 years of experience helping customers deploy mission-critical business applications across a variety of industries. Her career spans Oracle, Sun Microsystems, a flash startup, and the last six years at NetApp. While at NetApp, her focus has been on those customers wanting to recognize the business value of deploying SAP on NetApp.
Skip Shapiro

Skip Shapiro

  • Technical Marketing Engineer, ONTAP Flash Systems and Software
Skip is the lead technical marketing engineer (TME) for NetApp All Flash FAS (AFF) systems, Flash Pool and Flash Cache. He’s worked at NetApp for 17 years, within or closely associated with the ONTAP systems hardware and software product management team with product management (TME) and field support experience. Skip has presented to customers and partners at NetApp Insight and in the NetApp Executive briefing center for many years, and he has over 35 years of experience in the computer storage industry, including IBM and Quantum prior to joining NetApp.
John Spinks

John Spinks

  • Technical Marketing Engineer, SnapCenter
John Spinks is a Technical Marketing Engineer employed at NetApp for 9 years focusing on Enterprise Application backup, recovery, and cloning. He started as the resident expert for IBM Domino and Lotus Notes, then picked up the Snap Creator Framework and associated Plug-ins and helped develop it from a professional services tool to a fully supported product. John has spent the last couple of years helping to bring NetApp SnapCenter Software to market, focusing on usability and simplicity in NetApp's newest data protection software.
Andrew Sullivan

Andrew Sullivan

  • Technical Marketing Engineer, Open Ecosystems
Andrew Sullivan has worked in the information technology industry for over 10 years, with a rich history of database development, DevOps experience, and virtualization. He is currently focused on storage and virtualization automation and driving simplicity into everyday workflows.


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